Basic Spa Combo

Basic Spa Combo
Express Manicure

$18 (15 mins)

For those busy days when you need your nails tend to. Only for after or before acrylic.

Basic Manicure

$25 (25-30 mins)

If you have more time, enjoy the whole Hot Oil Manicure process from nail trimming, conditioning.. to polishing.

Express Pedicure

$27 (15-20 mins)

Busy as you may, have a quick fix for your feet. This is ideal for quick visits such as on lunch breaks.

Spa Pedicure

$30 (25-30 mins)

Your time can be well spent on one relaxing spa experience. Your feet will enjoy every part of the pedicure, from trimming, exfoliation.. to polishing.

Basic Spa Combo $53