DeerPark Nunnery Building Project

Deerpark Nunnery Building

The monks and nuns of Deer Park live very simple lives. When it became clear that building was necessary, the monastic sangha choose to build with great respect for Mother Earth. They chose methods of green construction that will provide a model of sustainable living to the community and all who come to visit.

The Project

The project will raise four straw bale buildings on the site where Thich Nhat Hanh’s (or Thay as he is know to our community) hut previously stood. Three buildings will be used as dormitories for up to 40 monastic sisters. The fourth building will provide a small living space for Thay when he visits the practice center.

These buildings will reflect the environmental commitment and simple lifestyle of the monastics. This website will tell you all about the green building methods being used in the project, as well as current funding needs, and volunteer opportunities available.

How the Project will Affect Monastic Living and Practice

The project will provide the sisters with very basic housing needs, and will also enable them to live and practice together. They currently live scattered amongst deteriorating buildings including sheds and changing rooms that were once used as part of a public pool. Improved health and the happiness of living as a family will nurture the sisters, and will enable them to continue their loving work with families and children.